Frye head shot
December, 2000
Former graduate or undergraduate student?: 

After finishing his Ph.D. in Dr. Frank Gherardini’s laboratory, Jonathan began postdoctoral training with Dr. Michael McClelland in San Diego, where the laboratory was sequencing the first Salmonella genome. There, Jonathan helped develop microarray techniques to study Salmonella gene expression and evolution. In 2003 he was contacted for a job opportunity by another UGA Department of Microbiology graduate, Dr. Charlene Jackson (Ph.D. 1998), and was hired as a Research Microbiologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture here in Athens. Jonathan’s laboratory has investigated antibiotic resistance, pathogenicity, genomics, and the evolution of Salmonella. His current research is focused on using Next Generation Sequencing to determine the genomics and evolution of multi-drug resistance in Salmonella associated with foodborne illnesses. He has also participated in collaborative research with professors in the Department of Microbiology and was recently granted an adjunct courtesy appointment to the department. Jonathan hopes his unique “full circle” experience will be a benefit to the department and its graduate education mission.