The Schedule for declaring and conducting fall 2017 rotations is:

  Deadline for notifying office of confirmed host Start End
Rotation1 Monday, July 3rd Monday, Aug 14th Friday, Sept 22nd
Rotation 2 Friday, Sept 8th Monday, Sept 25th Friday, Nov 3rd
Rotation 3 Wednesday, Nov 1st Monday, Nov 6th Monday, Dec 18th
Join Lab Mon, Dec 11th-15th Monday, Dec 18th -


Please read the following items regarding rotations:

• It is expected that students will conduct three rotations.
• Students conducting summer rotations may join a lab after only two additional fall rotations.  Such students must declare their intent to join a lab or conduct a third fall rotation by Oct 31.
• Additional rotations in the spring semester are possible, provided:  (i) there is a willing faculty host, (ii) it has been discussed with the graduate coordinator, and (iii) Sophia Flemming and Andrea Barnett are informed by the end of the rotation schedule.
• Students must confirm that faculty are willing to host specific rotations (first, second, or third) by the appropriate deadlines (see table above)
• Students should notify both Sophia Flemming ( and Andrea Barnett ( of their next declared rotation, preferably in an email addressed to both Sophia and Andrea.
• Students should plan to stay in rotations, even the last one, the full time indicated below regardless of intent to join the lab.
• Rotators should remind their faculty hosts when the rotation end date is approaching and plan to debrief (e.g. locate lab notebooks etc.) before leaving.

Work schedules and expectations:
Rotation periods each cover 30 workweek days, not including the UGA holidays during fall semester (Labor day and Thanksgiving Thurs/Fri).  Students should be aware that as UGA employees with assistantships, they have obligations that extend beyond the classroom schedule.  For example, rotations extend beyond the last final exam.  Apart from the twelve official UGA holidays, students should confer with their advisor or current rotation host when considering other time off.  Faculty are encouraged to make accommodations for religious holidays in particular, and they may be flexible with regard to other time off, but that should not be assumed.  In the event of illness or injury that results in absence from work, it is the graduate assistant’s responsibility to contact their advisor or rotation host as soon as possible.