Undergraduate Majors

Incoming Freshman/First Year Students*

As you get ready to start your first year of college, choosing where you want to continue your education is an important decision.

  • When filling out your admissions application, be sure to choose College of Arts and Sciences as the school.
  • If you are like most students applying, you may be unsure about your major. That’s perfectly okay. Just choose “Unspecified” in the dropdown box on your electronic application. If you are sure you want to major in our program, choose BS Microbiology
  • We will assign you an academic advisor who will assist you in selecting a major and will help keep you on track for graduation.

Current UGA Students

If you are like many students, you enrolled at UGA as an Undecided major. Now you are ready to choose a major. There is a small procedured to go through to achieve this. Please review the procedures on the UGA Admissions site.



Graduate Major

Deadlines: (for entering graduate program the following fall)  To ensure full consideration for graduate assistantships and invitations to visit the department, send complete applications (as described below) to both the Department of Microbiology and the Graduate Admissions Office by December 1.  Later applications may be considered at least through January 1; however, it is highly recommended to have application materials submitted by December 1.

Program Selection:  PhD or MS?  Students with a BS may apply directly to the MS or PhD programs.  If your goal is a PhD, direct application to the PhD program is advised.  If a student expects to pursue a PhD, admission to the PhD program offers more opportunities and has certain advantages, such as a shorter total time to obtaining the PhD.  Students should apply to the MS program if the MS is their terminal degree of choice or if they do no want to commit to the duration of a PhD program.  Students who are concerned that their background may not be competitive for a PhD program should be aware that applying for the MS program does not enhance the likelihood of being admitted.   In some instances, the admissions committee may suggest students with less certain preparation move their application to the MS program; however, it is in the best interest of the student to apply initially to the program that reflects the terminal degree they desire.

Qualifications:  Recent successful applicants have had at least a Baccalaureate degree in the biological sciences and previous research experience.  Positive reference letters from mentors or supervisors familiar with an applicant's research experience are particularly valuable.  Successful applicants typically have a high GPA and strong GRE scores; however, there are not absolute numerical cutoffs.   As a policy, we do not judge the likelihood of acceptability based on a short pre-application with GPA and/or GRE scores.   As noted below, for some international applicants a strong TOEFL spoken score is critical for meeting the Microbiology program's teaching requirement.